Take your business to the next level with specialized events to leverage presence in the public eye. Increase clientele, raise awareness for a cause or thank staff with a community gathering inviting national media attendance. 


Document events and major moments, update portraiture and promote your latest work with professional photography, photojournalism and editing. 


Public Relations is an integral part of business success. With local, national, or international media coverage, VBPR will familiarize your audience with your cause. 


Let us help write your story and share updated content through blogs, articles or press releases. We’ve got you covered.

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We're here to highlight you and your work through a unique, dynamic and timeless lens



The Heart of the Matter

VBPR is a boutique firm with clients who have expertise in multiple markets including music, luxury fashion, and lifestyle. Philanthropy is at the heart of all we do, because we believe in inspiration with a cause. We support non-profits and help raise awareness for the important causes of our time, eager to photograph charitable events year-round. To collaborate with VBPR, please reach out to Valerie at valerie@vbpr.org.

Be sure to check out our gallery for some of the awesome events we’ve covered in the past!


Be sure to visit our gallery for more on our work!